Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

Alibaba.com Gold Supplier Fraud

In 2011, Alibaba.com publically admitted that some of its employees colluded with scammers by selling Gold Supplier memberships to these scammers for the express purpose of defrauding buyers.  This scandal became a big international news story and led to the resignation of Alibaba.com’s CEO.

This admission of guilt did not surprise regular Alibaba.com buyers, who for many years had complained that the Gold Supplier program was corrupt – and that Alibaba.com itself was partly at fault.

Alibaba.com has since taken steps to fix the problem, such as by implementing stricter authentication and verification procedures for Gold Supplier applicants and by establishing a Fair Play Fund for defrauded buyers.  Unfortunately, many of the root causes of the problem remain – and so even today, there are still plenty of Gold Suppliers on the site who are outright scammers.


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