Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Banned Suppliers bans Gold Suppliers who’ve been found guilty of committing fraud or other illegal activities.  It publishes a monthly list of banned members in the “Safety & Security” section of the site. Banned Gold Suppliers forfeit their membership fees, and puts this money into the Fair Play Fund, which is used to reimburse defrauded buyers.

To get a scammer banned, you’ll have to submit a formal complaint against him on  If determines there was fraud, the scammer will be kicked off the site and placed on the banned list.  Unfortunately, if he’s already disappeared with your money, getting him banned won’t by itself get your money back, although you may be reimbursed from the Fair Play Fund.

But what’s troubling is that a banned scammer can set up a new company and buy another Gold Supplier membership, under this new name, with relative ease.  The scammer could, for example, (a) register a new company with a new legal representative, (b) use another factory as a cover, or (c) take over an existing Gold Supplier.  By doing this, he should be able to pass’s authentication and verification check – and obtain a new Gold Suppler membership after he pays the membership fee.

Buyers, unfortunately, won’t know about this scammer’s past history.  His old company might be on’s banned list, but his new company isn’t.  So this scammer is free to repeat his scams all over again – on unsuspecting buyers.  And if he’s caught and banned again, as long as he can make enough money scamming buyers, he’ll be happy to repeat this process one more time – even if it means having to buy another Gold Supplier membership.



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