Saturday 15 Dec 2018

Building Relationships – Guanxi

Building good working relationships with your suppliers is very important, especially in Asia, where relationships can be as valuable as money.  In China, relationships (guanxi) are virtually a form of currency.  Having a good relationship with your supplier can lead to many opportunities for you in the local market.

Finding a good supplier is not easy, so when you find one, you’ll want to build your relationship with him into a long-term partnership.  You can still negotiate hard and demand great quality, but do so with respect and understanding.  A good supplier understands your commitment to quality – and will deliver it – as long as you treat him with professionalism, honesty, and respect.

Read some books about your supplier’s culture and try to see things from his perspective.  This will ease your communications with him and solidify your working relationship.  What’s more, your negotiations with him may actually become more effective.


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