Saturday 16 Feb 2019


Case Study: Products Not As Advertised

The “bait-and-switch” scam is one of the oldest scams in retail and, of course, it’s often perpetrated on as well.  In this scam, a supplier will attract buyers with advertisements for one type of product, but when a buyer …

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Case Study: Received Broken Products

You go on looking to buy 300 backpacks, which you eventually hope to sell for $25.  After doing a product search, you find several potential suppliers, all


Broken & Shoddy Products

One of the most common examples of product fraud on is the delivery of broken or shoddy products.  Your products might arrive obviously damaged or defective, or


Product Fraud

When people talk about fraud on, they are usually talking about some kind of product fraud.  Product fraud includes things like broken or shoddy merchandise, counterfeit products,


Gold Supplier Trust

You shouldn’t totally trust an supplier just because gave his company a Gold Supplier badge.  A Gold Supplier status certainly has value to suppliers because it


Banned Suppliers bans Gold Suppliers who’ve been found guilty of committing fraud or other illegal activities.  It publishes a monthly list of banned members in the “Safety & Security”


Conflict of Interest?

We know that an Gold Supplier membership gives suppliers greater access to potential buyers, but what exactly is the benefit of this program to buyers?  Does it


Why Gold Supplier Fraud is a Big Deal

The Gold Supplier scandal was such a big deal for because it damaged the very integrity of the site. makes money by selling Gold Memberships to suppliers. 



AliExpress is the “lite” version of that was designed to handle small orders.  AliExpress offers the same kinds of products and suppliers as – and operates


Alibaba Forums hosts online forums where users can post questions and share their experiences.  The forums are listed under the “Community” tab at the top of the home page. The

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