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Distributors & Middlemen suppliers are either direct manufacturers or distributors and middlemen who sell products from an inventory – or on behalf of manufacturers. Many middlemen on try to pass themselves off as direct manufacturers. They’ll post pictures and videos of …

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Are Gold Suppliers More Trustworthy?

In theory, Gold Suppliers are more trustworthy than free members because Gold Suppliers must pass an authentication and verification check. And if a Gold Supplier engages in


Supplier Authentication & Verification

Any supplier can sign up for a free account and begin advertising its products. However, without having to go through an authentication and verification process, there’s

alibaba_suppliers Gold Suppliers

All suppliers are either Gold Suppliers or free members (there are no Silver or Bronze Suppliers). Gold Suppliers pay about $5000 a year in membership fees. In


Who are the Suppliers?

Generally speaking, suppliers are either product manufacturers or product distributors (middlemen). Manufacturers make products according to their clients’ specifications. Distributors buy products and then sell


Product Specifications

If you use an manufacturer to custom-make products, you’ll need to provide exact specifications, including precise dimensions, materials, colors, weights, and drawings. You may have to


Making a Prototype

If you’re hiring an manufacturer to custom-make products, you’ll probably want to make a product prototype before starting the production process. A prototype can be the



Before placing a large order with an supplier, you’ll probably want to see some samples to gauge his quality level. Samples can be expensive to ship,


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

While suppliers cannot sell brand-name products without explicit authorization, the sale of OEM or OEM-quality parts is allowed. However, you should always be careful when buying


Product Quality

Quality is perhaps the biggest risk and concern when you order products through While there’s probably no way to guarantee good quality 100% of the time,

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