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Taxes and VAT

In addition to customs duties and tariffs, you’ll also have to account for taxes that go along with international shipping, in particular, VAT (value-added tax). If you’re based in a VAT country, then you’re responsible for reporting and paying the …

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What is the Harmonized Tariff Schedule?

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Code System is an international classification system that classifies imported goods according to a standardized code. Every type of product is assigned a


Customs Brokers

Because customs laws are highly complex, it’s a good idea to work with customs professionals to ensure your products get into your country smoothly. In the United States, customs


Import and Export Laws

Whenever you conduct an international transaction through, you’ll have to deal with the import-export laws of your country and your supplier’s country. Import-export laws are highly complex –


Payment Options

To pay your supplier, you can use one of several payment options. Wire transfers (also called T/T or telegraph transfer) are the most popular payment option on the


Realistic Quality Control

Not every manufacturer will agree to such strict quality control protocols.  In fact, most probably won’t.  For small orders, most won’t even bother with such a demanding


Quality Control

Quality control is almost always the biggest challenge when you work with foreign suppliers – whether thru or otherwise.  Chinese manufacturers, in particular, have a bad reputation


Customized Contracts

If you or your suppliers have specific demands that differ from the TSA (Transaction Services Agreement), you’ll need to explicitly state them in writing in a separate contract. For


What is the Transaction Services Agreement (TSA)’s Transaction Services Agreement (TSA) is a long formal legal document that every member must agree to when he registers with the site. You can find the TSA at:


Pro Forma Invoice

After you and your supplier have agreed to the major terms of your deal, he will typically prepare and send you a pro forma invoice (see Figure

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