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Middlemen and Agents on suppliers are either direct manufacturers or distributors and middlemen who sell products from an inventory – or on behalf of manufacturers. Many middlemen on try to pass themselves off as direct manufacturers.  They’ll post pictures and videos of …

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An Independent Introduction to

If you use a foreign supplier in your business, or if you do business in China, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of  Based in China,


Inspection Agents

If your supplier is in a country that’s thousands of miles away, doing inspections of your supplier’s facilities and products can be a challenge.  Unless you’re part


10 Ways to Avoid Scams on

Generally, the best way to avoid a scam on is to be skeptical about everything – and take the necessary precautions. The Alibaba Fraud Report discuss in

gold-supplier-fraud Gold Supplier Fraud

In 2011, publically admitted that some of its employees colluded with scammers by selling Gold Supplier memberships to these scammers for the express purpose of defrauding buyers. 


How Much Fraud Is On estimates that 0.5% of the transactions on the site are fraudulent, with most fraud cases involving small orders under $1200. That’s one in every 200 transactions. While


Fake Profiles on

An supplier who takes the time and effort to create a thorough Profile Page is probably more trustworthy than one who hasn’t. But a motivated scammer


Keep Written Records

It’s a good idea to keep a written record of your communications to document all of your agreements. This’ll be immensely helpful if disputes ever arise. Telephone

risk-alibaba Risks

Doing business through poses many risks and challenges. That’s simply the nature of the game as you work with suppliers who operate in foreign countries. Trust, quality control,

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