Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Cultural Differences

When you do business on, there’s a good chance your supplier is from a different culture, like China, India, or Vietnam.

Cultural differences shouldn’t be a problem as long as you maintain a good business relationship with your supplier. But it always helps to know at least something about your supplier’s country and region. If you can see things from his perspective, your communications (and negotiations) with him will become easier.

So do a little bit of research about your supplier’s culture. Learn about the holidays in his country. In China, for example, almost everything shuts down for Chinese New Year. So don’t expect to do much business in late January or early February.

When it comes to religion and politics – it’s best to avoid these topics altogether. It’s simply too easy to unintentionally offend people. Why risk that if it has nothing to do with business?

Finally, you might want to limit yourself to just one or two countries. Dealing with a handful of foreign countries – along with their different import/export rules – can be a real headache.

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