Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Factory Working Conditions

Some buyers on worry about the working conditions at their supplier’s facilities.  Is the supplier running a sweatshop?  Is he polluting the environment?  Is he using child labor?

It’s no secret that labor and environmental standards in countries like China and India, where most suppliers are based, are lax and notoriously corrupt.

All suppliers will tell you they run a clean shop and pay their workers a fair wage.  But you may never know the real working conditions at your supplier’s factory unless you personally inspect it – and even then your supplier may shield you from the truth.

Most suppliers probably pay their workers a decent wage – and their facilities aren’t as dirty as you’d imagine.  But ultimately, you’ll have to make a decision based upon your gut feelings about the supplier.  Can you really trust his words?

If working conditions are really important to you, you may want to avoid Chinese, Indian or Asian suppliers altogether – and limit yourself to North American and Western European suppliers.  You’ll find plenty of them on as well.  If it’s a matter of cost versus principle, choose the option you feel better about.


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