Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

How Much Fraud Is On Alibaba.com?

Alibaba.com estimates that 0.5% of the transactions on the site are fraudulent, with most fraud cases involving small orders under $1200. That’s one in every 200 transactions. While this number doesn’t appear to be particularly high, it doesn’t include borderline cases, such as disputes over quality and delivery deadlines. So even though official fraud cases on the site are relatively rare, the actual number of unsatisfied buyers on Alibaba.com might be significantly higher.

Alibaba.com openly admits that fraud is a problem on its site. In 2011, its CEO was even forced to resign in wake of the “Gold Suppliers Scandal”. That’s why the site devotes an entire section – “Safety & Security Center” – to addressing fraud and scams. Here, you’ll find articles, tips, and forum postings about fraud on Alibaba.com. There’s also a list of Gold Suppliers who’ve been banned for fraud, as well as ways to report suspected fraud.

The risk of fraud is unavoidable on Alibaba.com. In fact, it’s an inherent problem of Alibaba.com’s business model. All cross-border sourcing transactions are risky, but when the buyer and supplier are complete strangers, as they often are on Alibaba.com, the transactions become that much riskier.

Nevertheless, if you educate yourself about the risks of using Alibaba.com and always take the necessary precautions – at least you’ll be able to protect yourself against most scams, while getting the best quality you can from your suppliers. Hopefully, after going through this book, you’ll know the steps you should take in order to get to that point.


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