Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

Import Agents

alibaba_registrationImport agents are middlemen who help you find a sourcing partner in a foreign country like China.

A good import agent understands the business culture in both countries and acts as a bridge between you and your sourcing partner. He can also help you negotiate prices and handle shipping logistics.

Of course, if you use an import agent, you’d be bypassing Alibaba.com. This may be a more expensive option, but a good import agent will take the time to find the right sourcing partner for you. He’ll know the local manufacturing market, do the necessary investigations, and help you vet your potential partners. Alibaba.com doesn’t really provide this kind of in-depth service.

You can find import agents on the Internet (but not on Alibaba.com). Just do a Google search. When selecting an agent, make sure you get someone who’s experienced and has a proven track record. Ask him for references and contact his clients.

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