Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Import and Export Laws

Whenever you conduct an international transaction through, you’ll have to deal with the import-export laws of your country and your supplier’s country.

Import-export laws are highly complex – which is why you’ll probably need to use a professional, such as a customs broker, to help you navigate the import-export process.  A mistake at any level could delay your transaction and significantly increase your costs, so it’s definitely worth the expense to use a professional to make sure the entire process runs smoothly.  Fortunately, once you get some experience importing and exporting goods, the entire process becomes fairly routine.

Import-export law is a very dense topic that’s beyond the scope of this book, but here are some basic things you should know:

Export Laws

Your supplier is responsible for knowing the export laws of his country and for providing the necessary paperwork to get your goods out of his country.

Import Laws

You’re responsible for making sure your products can legally enter your country.  You’re usually also responsible for paying customs tariffs and duties.  Import laws can be so numerous and complex that you’ll need to hire a customs broker – and maybe even a merchant lawyer – to help you deal with them.



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