Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Inspection Agents

If your supplier is in a country that’s thousands of miles away, doing inspections of your supplier’s facilities and products can be a challenge.  Unless you’re part of a multinational company, you probably don’t have a local representative who can do inspections for you on the spot.  If this is the case, then it might make sense to hire a local inspection agent to do inspections on your behalf.

A local inspection agent can inspect your supplier’s facilities and examine your ordered products at any stage of the transaction.  Just be sure to provide him with a thorough and detailed checklist of things you want him to inspect.

In China, a typical inspection agent costs around $200 per day.  Look for agents who know the local regional manufacturing market well and who can also help you assess and verify your supplier’s capabilities.  A good agent can steer you away from potential scammers and low-grade suppliers.

Of course, you could just wait until your ordered products reach your doorsteps to inspect them, but as we’ve already discussed, that’s very risky for a number of reasons.  For one, it might be too late to correct even tiny mistakes – without having to send the entire shipment back.

In fact, even if you’re going to personally inspect your supplier’s facilities and products, it might still be a good idea to bring along a local inspection agent as a guide.  A local agent can give you insights into the local market and will certainly offer a much more objective assessment of your supplier than your supplier himself.

To find a local inspection agent, you can use’s own directory of inspection agents ( – or just do an Internet search for agents in your supplier’s country or region.inspection-agents-avoiding-scams


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