Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

An Independent Introduction to Alibaba.com

If you use a foreign supplier in your business, or if you do business in China, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Alibaba.com.  Based in China, Alibaba.com is the Internet’s largest sourcing website, with millions of manufacturers and suppliers advertising their products and services to buyers from all over world.

Alibaba.com makes it possible for any businessperson with a computer – whether you’re a purchasing officer or owner of a small retail store – to find an international sourcing partner to supply or manufacture products for you at a fraction of the cost of getting them locally.

But, unfortunately, while Alibaba.com can be a convenient and powerful tool for your business, there’s also a dark side.  Fraud is a major issue on the site.  Alibaba.com itself publically admits this.   Indeed, in 2011, the company revealed that even its employees had colluded with scammers to cheat buyers on the site.  This was a huge international scandal that led to the firing of Alibaba.com’s CEO.

So, yes, Alibaba.com can save your business significant amounts of money, but before you use it, you should be fully aware that there’s also a significant amount of risk involved.  We’ve found thousands of first-hand accounts of fraud on the site.  And these dangers are always present.  In fact, the threat of fraud is inherently built into Alibaba.com’s core business model, making fraud a constant and serious risk to buyers on the site.

The site attracts millions of users every year – and every one of them should be aware of how much fraud there is on the site, the types of fraud involved, and how best to avoid it.



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