Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Language is an international sourcing website, where English is the official common language. In most cases, English will be the only language you’ll need on the site. Almost all suppliers have someone on their staff who’s proficient in English.

If good English skills are important, however, you can simply weed out any supplier whose English skills are poor. You’ll find plenty of suppliers on the site with good English skills.

But no matter what level of English your supplier possesses, it’s always a good idea to use simple and clear language to limit miscommunications. Use pictures and numbers whenever possible. Avoid slang. Putting things into writing can also help avoid misunderstandings.

Finally, you might want to insist on English as the controlling language for all your contracts and specifications. After all, if you’re the buyer – it’s your money at risk. So you’ll want to specify exactly what you want – in a language that you understand. Just keep it simple and clear.

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