Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Negotiation Strategies and Cautions on

Listed prices on are like sticker prices in a car dealership. They’re negotiable. Most suppliers expect you to negotiate price – and set them in anticipation of this.

Using TradeManager chat, it’s easy to toss numbers back and forth. Don’t limit yourself to just one supplier. Talk to several. Negotiate with all of them – and find the best market price for your products.

Ironically, beware of prices that are too low. Beware also of suppliers who give into your demands too easily. They could be signs of a scam. You’re either going to get worthless junk or nothing at all. Price doesn’t matter in these scams – because it’s all about getting you to pay.

Ultimately, price is probably less important than finding an honest and reliable supplier who cares about quality. You get what you pay for. So if you’re only gunning for the lowest price, you’ll probably end up with poor-quality products – or a supplier who’ll shortchange you in other ways. A good supplier with good products is usually worth paying extra for.

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