Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Pro Forma Invoice

After you and your supplier have agreed to the major terms of your deal, he will typically prepare and send you a pro forma invoice (see Figure 12-1).

This document is like a combination of quotation and contract in the form of an invoice, setting out the specific details of your agreement, including price, quantity, product specifications, payment schedules, delivery schedule, and shipping arrangements.

Make sure this invoice is as complete as possible, as it represents the extent of your supplier’s obligations.  Unless you object to something in this document – or use a more formal contract – it will act as a binding contract between you two.  Any missing or unstated terms will be covered under’s Transaction Services Agreement (discussed below).

The pro forma invoice will be attached to your products during shipping and must provide enough information to clear the products through customs.  This means it must contain adequate and correct information such as Harmonized Codes for customs tariffs and duties.  Double-check everything with your supplier for accuracy, because even a small mistake can significantly delay the import/export process and add to your costs.



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