Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Product Fraud

When people talk about fraud on, they are usually talking about some kind of product fraud.  Product fraud includes things like broken or shoddy merchandise, counterfeit products, and fake goods.  Or when no products areshipped at all – that’s also a kind of product fraud.  In this section, we will describe the most common types of product fraud and give examples of each.

Although virtually every kind of product is susceptible to product fraud, electronic products are especially risky.  There are several reasons for this.  First, electronic products usually involve multiple components, such as the wiring, the casing, the materials, and the electrical mechanics.  If any of these components fail, the entire product fails.  So there’s simply a greater chance that something will go wrong.  Second, electronic products are easy to damage, either during the production process or during shipping.  And finally, hiding defects is easier to do in electronic products than in other kinds of products.  When a piece of furniture comes damaged, the defect is obvious.  But when a watch is made with shoddy material that’s likely to fail in two weeks – how can you detect that defect before handing over your money?

For these reasons, you should be extra careful when buying electronic products from  The risk of fraud and low quality is considerably higher for these products than for other kinds of products.



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