Saturday 16 Feb 2019

Quality Control

Quality control is almost always the biggest challenge when you work with foreign suppliers – whether thru or otherwise.  Chinese manufacturers, in particular, have a bad reputation when it comes to their ability to consistently produce quality products.  If you’re thousands of miles away, having to rely on these manufacturers can put you in a very precarious situation.

To find a high-quality manufacturer on, you’ll have to spend the time to interview many potential candidates, review their products and capabilities, and do your due diligence.  Inspect, re-inspect, examine, and re-examine.  Don’t stop searching until you find a manufacturer who’s proven that he’s truly dedicated to quality.  It’s really the only way to find the quality you want.

Ignore what a manufacturer tells you about his quality control standards.  Also ignore certification documents, since fake ISO certificates are readily available in countries like China.  The only proof that matters is the finished products.  Everything else is just marketing talk.  A good manufacturer uses good materials, employs a solid staff, and corrects his own mistakes.  He may be more expensive, but he’ll be worth the extra cost.

During negotiations, specify your quality requirements down to the smallest details.  For example, state exactly what type of raw materials you want and what is the acceptable error rate.

During inspections, clearly communicate your every concern – as early as possible in the production process.  Don’t accept anything that doesn’t meet your requirements.  If you let things slide, quality will only get worse and worse.

If you want every product batch to be good, carefully inspect and re-inspect the products at every delivery.  Negotiate to withhold payment until the products pass your quality tests.



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