Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

Selling Through Alibaba

While this site primarily focuses on the buyer’s side of Alibaba.com, you should know that any company could also use the site to sell its products and services.

But selling products on Alibaba.com is quite different from buying products on the site.  For starters, buyers use the site for free.  They never have to pay, unless they want special services, such as Supplier Assessment Reports.  On the other hand, to be a successful seller on Alibaba.com, you’ll probably have to buy an annual Gold Supplier membership for about $5000 per year.

Gold Suppliers appear first on Alibaba.com product searches, get access to Buying Requests before free members, and are seen as more trustworthy.  Gold Suppliers also have access to a variety of features on the site, such as professional Profile Page templates, that free members don’t.

The top Alibaba.com Gold Suppliers use their Profile Pages to post extensive details about themselves, including product photos, factory videos, personnel info, and certification documents.  This is done to convey professionalism and credibility.

As for seller-side risk, the biggest concern for suppliers is making and delivering products to buyers without getting paid for them.  Suppliers can usually protect themselves against this kind of risk by asking for payment upfront – or by having buyers put payments into an escrow account before the start of the production or shipping process.



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