Thursday 13 Dec 2018

Supplier Authentication & Verification

Any supplier can sign up for a free account and begin advertising its products. However, without having to go through an authentication and verification process, there’s no way to know if this supplier is legitimate or fraudulent.

A Gold Supplier, on the other hand, must be authenticated and verified (“A&V Check”) by a third-party inspector. This inspector examines the supplier’s business license and contact information to verify that the Gold Supplier is a real company. After it’s been authenticated and verified, a Gold Supplier will receive a “TrustPass”.

Gold Suppliers in China must go through an additional step. An employee must visit their facilities and offices to further verify ownership (“Onsite Check”).

Gold Suppliers in China can also get optional Assessment Reports, performed by a third-party assessment company. These Assessment Reports provide detailed information about a supplier’s facilities, personnel, and certifications. These Reports are only valid for a year, to ensure the information is up-to-date.

For more information about the authentication and verification process, see:

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