Saturday 16 Feb 2019


Inspection Agents

If your supplier is in a country that’s thousands of miles away, doing inspections of your supplier’s facilities and products can be a challenge.  Unless you’re part of a multinational company, you probably don’t have a local representative who …

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Product Specifications

If you use an manufacturer to custom-make products, you’ll need to provide exact specifications, including precise dimensions, materials, colors, weights, and drawings. You may have to


Making a Prototype

If you’re hiring an manufacturer to custom-make products, you’ll probably want to make a product prototype before starting the production process. A prototype can be the



Before placing a large order with an supplier, you’ll probably want to see some samples to gauge his quality level. Samples can be expensive to ship,


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

While suppliers cannot sell brand-name products without explicit authorization, the sale of OEM or OEM-quality parts is allowed. However, you should always be careful when buying


Product Quality

Quality is perhaps the biggest risk and concern when you order products through While there’s probably no way to guarantee good quality 100% of the time,



Some suppliers on have minimum order requirements and will only supply or sell in bulk. For small orders, you might want to use AliExpress instead.


Searching for Products’s search functions make it easy to find products on the site. The user interface on the homepage is simple and intuitive, like Just type


What Can You Buy?

You can buy almost any kind of product through, from auto parts to electronics to clothes to food products. You cannot, however, buy brand-name products (like

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