Saturday 16 Feb 2019

What is the Transaction Services Agreement (TSA)’s Transaction Services Agreement (TSA) is a long formal legal document that every member must agree to when he registers with the site.

You can find the TSA at:

The TSA is a binding contract between each member and itself.  It is not a direct contract between you and your supplier.  But it does set out the default terms that apply to any transaction conducted through the site.

For most transactions, the pro forma invoice in conjunction with the TSA provides enough legal coverage for you and your suppliers.  But you should know the TSA is designed to make life easier for Alibaba.comnot for you or your suppliers.  So you might want to bypass the TSA and draft a separate contract that makes more sense for you and your suppliers.  Of course, this would mean getting lawyers involved to negotiate very detailed legal terms – which could be quite expensive.


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